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This BRAND NEW membership is only $5 per month for founding members.

Have you ever found yourself putting things away for a special occasion?

Do you have special candles or tablecloths or dishes that you love but never use?

Might there be a shop or museum that you've always wanted to stop by but never have?

How about a hobby you want to try or a book you want to write or a class you want to take?

Maybe just a book or stack of magazines you want to READ?

Do you always mean to sit out on your porch or that cozy, cute chair in your living room?

Is there a stack of magazine clippings or a full Pinterest board of things that you'd like to cook or craft or adorn?


Start enjoying what you already have and following your curiosity. Finding delight in your everyday.

Start living the life you WANT along with encouragement and accountability from a community.

The membership will be simple and geared for helping you actually use your pretty things and do those things you have ALWAYS WANTED TO DO!

We will have a short, monthly class to inspire your curiosity in a variety of subjects.

Currently being considered for classes:

  • The simple, free process of how to upload a self-published book, workbook, or notebook/journal to Amazon via their KDP program (DONE IN SEPTEMBER!)
  • Painting with watercolors/mixed media
  • Making a curiosity cabinet/curated bookshelves
  • Crafting sugar-free, all natural desserts
  • How to recognize vintage clothing
  • Delightful, quick sewing projects
  • Crafting with damaged or discarded books
  • Productivity for night owls
  • Creating tea/coffee stations

Anne Bogel, author of Don't Overthink It said it well:

Simple abundance is a frame of mind, not something you can buy; that feeling of plenty doesn’t even have to carry a price tag. It can be a time-out during the day to read a novel, or sit and relax on the porch with a cup of tea, or stop to notice your neighbor’s flowers. What a gift it is to give ourselves permission to enjoy these little moments.

I would love to have you join us!


Jaime Stoke Reed


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$5 a month

Dwell in Wonder Society (Founder)

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